We are looking for 3 KOTLIN developers with 3+ years of experience

Company: Market leader in cross-platform development

Place of work: Utrecht, Netherlands

Remote work: Upon agreement

Hourly rate: 62 €/hour

Starting date: September 2020

Type of contract: Freelance or full-time employment contract

Our team is looking for an Android Mobile Developer. And not just 1, but 3! 

  • Are you ambitious enough to be a part of the team that aims to develop the best Dutch mobile apps?

  • We are re-inventing the future of banking by giving our users access to bank products and services through the best look and feel of the native application. As a team, we are responsible for multiple mobile apps.

  • And we are looking for a medior+/senior developer. 


Who are we looking for?

  • You know both Java and Kotlin, but you love Kotlin and can't wait to refactor all that Java 'don't touch, it's working' classes

  • You are passionate about great UI and UX and believe that the designer is the best friend of any frontend developer.

  • You love beautiful code and you know that it always takes more effort to make things simple.

  • You want your code to be reliable and testable, you know a real masterpiece will live through the ages. 

  • You like to have things automated in your workflow: Fastlane is your friend and CI/CD is your passion.

  • You love clean code and clean architecture, you want to be proud to keep your name on the header of the source code file.

  • You like to master your documentation skills - meditation for the real developer.

  • You make use of opensource frameworks and tools, but you are also trying to pay it back with your own contribution.

  • You know how important it is to learn new things and you help others to do so: you like to share your findings and thoughts with others. Speaking, posting blogposts, or writing documentation is your typical ways to share your experience with others.

  • You love to work in a team, you appreciate feedback on your code and know how to give feedback to others.


What will you need?

  • XP 3+ years in Android - Java and Kotlin development 

  • Knowledge Android standard, for example, Retrofit, Dependency Injection

  • Async programming (Reactive, coroutines)

  • XP with Android patterns, such as MVVM and MVP

  • English and Dutch on communicative level

If you have this, it would be an advantage

  • CI/CD (ex. Jenkins, Azure DevOps)

  • TDD points

  • SonarQube Senior pre

  • Ability to coach junior developers

  • Soft skills (e.g knowledge sharing, giving presentation): Proactive, Collaborative, Flexible,

  • Knowledge from another platform is also important - T-shaped profile


What do we offer you?

Work on best mobile apps from the Netherlands

Flexibility and place for realization

Huge place for your own development

Great and motivating team

Background of the leader in cross-platform development

Does it match your experience? Then apply here.